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The new Denise Olivia Design Blog

If you can relate to any of the following traits, I think you're going to want to stick around here:

  • You're a dreamer: you romanticize life and seek more pleasure; you're prone to daydreaming and fantasizing and you see no reason why you can't be the main character of your story

  • You're a driver: you have big goals and you're determined to reach them; you work hard at self-improvement and strive for success in your pursuits

  • You're a deep-thinker: you seek meaning and fulfillment in life; you question everything and tend to feel like you're different than most people

Or maybe you're a combination...I am!

Designing your home is about so much more than having a pretty room. It's about discovering who you are and telling that story. It's about creating an environment that soothes you, motivates you, and helps you live in gratitude. It's about planning your spaces to support you and your family's needs and lifestyle.

If you believe in these principles, but need some guidance on how to get there, you'll enjoy coming back week after week to see what projects I'm tackling, learn my processes, and find yourself along the way.

I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line at sharing what you want to learn or accomplish, and I'll do my best to share some useful info. I'm also often sharing random thoughts on TikTok so come join me over there @deniseoliviahome


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