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How I Manifested Our Dream Home

A serene yard with deer

In 2012, my husband and I bought our first home. We didn't have a clear idea of where we wanted to live. We just knew we wanted to get as much house as possible for our money, a house with features like high ceilings and an in-ground pool, and hoped to find something that would be our forever home.

We searched for months in various towns that weren't more than a 45 minute commute from our jobs, and looked at over 60 houses before we found something that felt right. We were there for ten years, and while it was a great house with lots of happy memories, after living there for only a couple years, I had an unrelenting feeling that we should be living somewhere "better." The neighborhood was safe and schools were good, but houses were close together, the town kept getting more congested with continual building and increasing traffic, and I craved a more peaceful environment. I hated seeing other houses when I looked out my windows, and it was my dream to have a yard where I'd see nothing but trees. We did our best to create privacy and serenity by planting a row of evergreens that eventually blocked out the houses behind us, but I wished we could live somewhere that felt more elevated and inspiring. Beyond those desires, there were inklings of corruption in the town government, concerns over potential warehouses and other business deals that could negatively affect property values. In recent years, I began seeing negative comments about our town on local Facebook groups and many people steering potential buyers away.

My husband didn't worry when I raised these concerns. I'd been talking about the potential property value decline for years, but he felt no desire to move. We had put a ton of work into the house, him doing a lot of the physical labor with my dad, and he (lovingly) challenged me to find something affordable and just as updated in an area I wanted to live in. It seemed like an impossible task. I got increasingly disheartened about living in a home I no longer felt connected to, and I constantly searched Zillow, determined to find a house that would pique my husband's interest...a house that just didn't exist.

Eventually, I gave up looking.

After facing a layoff from my corporate job, I gained an appreciation for how comfortably we lived in our house. We wouldn't have to worry about mortgage payments even if I didn't have steady income, and we still had everything we needed there. I decided to just make the house as nice as I could. Over the course of about a year, I worked to create a distinct, cohesive vision for the main level of our home. As I saw it come to life, I had a renewed energy. I was as happy as if I were living in my dream home.

In 2022, there were more houses in our town for sale than ever, and they were selling for prices we could never have dreamed of. I kept a close eye on the local real estate market, always sharing the latest news with my husband who seemed to be gaining somewhat of an interest in the topic.

After returning from vacation in the summer of 2022, two houses at the end of our street had been put up for sale in the week we were gone. I began to do some investigating. Apparently, a lot of people were beginning to worry about the future value of their homes and were striking while the iron was hot and investors were paying a premium for homes in our neighborhood. When I shared the potential upside with my husband, he suddenly got serious about a move. With the sale price we were expecting, we'd now have the opportunity to buy something in an idyllic town without raising our mortgage payment too much.

We house-hunted for the better part of a year with pretty strict criteria in just a couple particular towns before we found the wonderful house we purchased in the summer of 2023.

I truly believe that this opportunity manifested for two specific reasons:

  1. I let go of attachment to a specific outcome

  2. I got on the energetic frequency of someone who already lived in her dream home

Over the past several years of studying law of attraction, countless experts have stated these steps as critical ingredients to manifestation but until I naturally implemented them without overthinking and forcing them, nothing changed.

What I've come to realize is that letting go of an outcome you desire is really difficult...near impossible. A lot of times, you can pretend to let go but the desire is still there. I think finding gratitude for your current situation is the key. In our first home, it was only after I truly felt gratitude and saw the logic in staying put that the opportunity arose to make a move.

Then there's the challenge of "acting as if..." in other words, acting as though you already have what you desire. Many manifestation experts tout this as the key, but I think it's only possible once you let go of the NEED to manifest a specific outcome. As I began redecorating our first home, I was able to get into the energy of the me who already had my dream home...simply because I decided that our first house was it. I began treating our first home as I would treat the home I wanted to live in forever. When I appreciated my surroundings, I felt happy. I felt fulfilled and energized.

Part of the reason that I'm sharing all of this is that I believe in using your home to help you improve your life and I want to sprinkle those philosophies into what I share here. Even if you're not looking to manifest a new house, designing your current home thoughtfully can help you attract the opportunities that bring about the joy, peace, fulfillment, or whatever it is that you're seeking to find more of.

As we continue to develop a relationship, I hope to hear about your desires and struggles, and find ways to help you use your home to take you where you want to go.

Sending you all the best vibes!


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