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Do I Need to Know My Interior Design Style?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is…

· Does my house need a theme?

Or put another way..

· Do I need to know my interior design style?

The short answer to both of those questions is if you want your home to help you feel the way you want, achieve your goals, and look professionally designed,


Now for the long explanation 

All of your furnishings and décor don’t need to fall into one genre like “traditional” or “boho.” In fact, they shouldn’t! And P.S., the word, “theme” makes me cringe when it comes to interior design (more on that in a moment).

Wait, what? Didn’t you just say I should have a specific style?

Yes! But in a visually appealing design, several genres are typically combined in a consistent way to create a unique, more complex style. This is because a design comprised of one single design genre ends up being too “themey” and looking juvenile and unrefined. A home decked out in nothing but wicker furniture, jute rugs, beehive pendants, macrame wall hangings, pottery, and tribal prints ends up looking like it’s trying too hard to be boho rather than giving off the elevated, relaxed boho vibe you’re likely seeking.

A more successful way of bringing the boho style into your home would be to combine it with another genre to create your own aesthetic. For instance, if you tend to like traditional touches, you can bring in antique furniture and pieces with classic design features like turned legs, tufting, and toile print, and add collected items to your shelves, a macrame wall hanging, and a jute rug. Now you have a more interesting and refined look.

The rule of thumb I usually recommend is to keep all of your big furniture pieces within one design genre (i.e. modern, glam, farmhouse, etc.) and let your textiles, lighting, and accessories reflect the other style(s) within your personal aesthetic.

So what if you have no clue as to what types of pieces you’re typically drawn to or just love so many different styles that you don’t think you can choose just a few to combine? Download my free guide to figuring out your design style. It walks you through systematically analyzing what you like most, how you want your home to feel, and what you want your house to say about you, and helps you define a personal aesthetic that can guide your future design choices.

When you know your interior design style, you avoid costly decorating mistakes and are able to create cohesion in your home.

The main takeaways:

· Should you know your design style?

o Yes

· Should your home be decorated in just one design genre?

o No

· How do you create a professionally designed look?

o Combine 2-3 design styles to create a unique personal aesthetic, and keep all large furnishings within one genre

Again, if you’re struggling with defining a personal design aesthetic, download this guide. I guarantee that it will simplify the entire process so that you can build a clear vision for your home and stop making regrettable purchases on pieces that don’t end up working in your space. If you have questions as you work through it, drop me a line! I’m happy to answer any questions.


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