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Turn Your Home into a 3D Vision Board

vision board

If there's anything I learned from manifesting the home that we now currently own, one of the biggest lessons was that your surroundings can change your life. There are several reasons I wanted to shift my interior design career and blog content, but one big one is that I think interior design is trivialized a lot.

So many people look at design and decorating as either petty, pretentious, or at best, a "nice to have" if you've got extra money laying around. But there's so much more to it than that! It affects our mood, motivation, and even self-esteem. It can provide inspiration or induce anxiety. So doesn't it deserve more thought?

I believe we can use our homes as 3D vision boards to manifest things we want to bring into our lives. If you want to bring in more money, you need to feel abundant already. So how can you do that if you're currently not experiencing any overflow? I think there's two things to prioritize:

  1. Eliminate whatever you can that makes you feel live you're living in "lack." So if there's a particular pain point you experience every day, like a cabinet door that is falling off the hinges, prioritize getting that fixed. It doesn't cost much to get some wood filler and a new hinge. If you really hate the look of worn out paint, you can likely afford to purchase a gallon and DIY it.

  2. Make a change or invest in some small things that feel luxurious. You really don't have to break the bank to bring a little luxury into your life. Maybe you dream of having a closet that feels neat and organized. Decluttering is free. Then you can get some slimline velvet hangers, finger-space everything, color code it, and voila! On your way to a dream closet.

One of my favorite tips for creating more luxury is to set up little "self-care vignettes." Essentially it's a space that invites you to indulge in yourself. An example would be taking a comfy chair and making an extra-cozy corner for yourself that invites you to relax with a book at night. Maybe you add a plush throw blanket, a footstool, a side table with room for a coffee mug or glass of wine, and a floor lamp so you can enjoy a peaceful glow with enough light for reading.

You can also take your bath time to the next level with a bar cart stocked with favorite skincare products, apothecary jars filled with bath salts or fancy soaps, an aromatherapy candle, and some rolled up towels that evoke a spa-like feeling.

These are just some examples for bringing luxury into your home which it seems most people are craving more of. But if you've got a promotion on your vision board, maybe it's time to take extra care with setting up a boss-babe workspace. If you're looking to find love, perhaps your bedroom could use some attention. It's said that creating symmetry in a bedroom invites a harmonious relationship. So outfit your room with two identical night tables, matching lamps, and some luxurious bedding. And make sure you're not sleeping in the middle every night! You need to make space for your dream partner.

The main takeaway here is to create the environment right now that you want to have in the future. Of course you won't be living like a millionaire if you're making $50k a year, but making incremental upgrades to your environment has a compounding effect. So those little changes you make right now will invite in a little more money, and so on. And as for just about anything else you want in your life- a better job, a love life, more family fun time, a healthier body, you can easily create an environment that would exist if those things were already in your life. So get after it, my friend!

Have a specific question about changes you can make to attract a desire? Drop me a line at or find me on TikTok @deniseoliviahome. I love answering your questions! :)

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